ECommerce Custom Integration

Launching an eCommerce portal is not easy. It’s even more challenging to manage it. A firm owner or entrepreneur may not know about multi-channel integration’s latest SEO trends and benefits. Hiring an eCommerce consultant and outsourcing your day-to-day eCommerce portal management is ideal. 

Primarily, you must ensure that you have integrated XML sitemap on your eCommerce portal. Many online retail shop owners ignore its importance, but having an XML sitemap on the site helps Google crawl your portal promptly.

After creating a sitemap, the eCommerce custom integration expert will submit it to Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console for further action. You can use the Google sitemap test tool in the search console menu to validate the same.

Here are some crucial SEO tips that you shouldn’t ignore:    

Create an FAQ Schema

Every eCommerce portal needs to show FAQ Schema as rich snippet listings. When users search for a particular query, the listing helps establish the appropriate answer for them.

It’s simple to add FAQ Schema to your site. All you need to do is add format to the top of your portal. Then, the eCommerce consultant will help you add FAQ schema to your site.  

Build Necessary Backlinks

It would be best if you worked on internal links to revamp your e-commerce portal or make it more visible among your potential target audience. In addition, creating internal links is helpful for SEO purposes. All you have to do is find some trendy keywords and insert the connection to other pages of your site for Google and other search engines to crawl those pages.

You can’t create a lot of internal links. It can be detrimental to your online business as various search engines may consider it spammy. You can instead focus on the top three or four pages of your eCommerce portal for link-building exercises.   

Payment Gateway Integration

Finally, you have to the most critical section. All eCommerce portals aim to sell many items online and get payment. You can’t depend upon any single payment gateway. Opt for Stripe integration along with PayPal to offer multiple options to customers. 

Modify Titles

Many site owners don’t understand the relevance of SEO titles on their sites. It would be best if you changed the titles of various pages from time to time. Refreshing your post title is an excellent way to make your content appear new. It is known that new content always attracts Google and other search engines more than old titles. 

You can randomly select the top 10 blog posts or product description titles. Then, edit those titles and publish again. While doing so, don’t change the slug or URL link. If you edit the slug, all previous connections to that post won’t work anymore. 

In Conclusion

Get in touch with an eCommerce consultant to set up your online business. The firm will offer necessary help relating to merchant account integration. You can also refer to eCommerce Guru to know more about it. They know how to make your eCommerce website efficient, robust, and attractive.

By Sachin